S.NO.Name of the LaboratoryNumber of the student per setup(Batch Size)Name of the Important EquipmentWeekly utilization on status (all the courses for which the lab is utilized)Technical manpower Support
Name of the Technical staff

1Building Material & Construction Lab301.Vicat Apparatus
2.Vicat Needle
3.Weighing Machine
6.Le-Chatalier’s Apparatus
7.Air Permeability Apparatus
8.Measuring Cylinder
9.Universal Testing Machine
10. Pan type Concrete Mixer 0.5 m3
11.Cube Mould (70.6*70.6*70.6 mm)
12. Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus
13. Sieve Shaker
14.Vernier Callipers
4 hoursMr. Vikash Singh
Lab Assistant
Diploma (CE)
2Concrete Technology Lab301.Slump Cone Apparatus
2.Tamping Rod (Graduated& Non-Graduated)
3.Cube Mould(15*15*15cm)
4.Compressive Testing Machine
5.Spliting Tensile Test Cylinder Mould
6.Vibrating Table
7.Vibrater with Nozzle(40mm)
8.Beam Mould (70*15*15)
9.Compaction Factor Testing Machine
10.Flexure Testing Machine
11.Shrinkage Bar Mould Briquette
12.Density Basket & Measuring Cylinder
13.Humidity Oven
14.GI Tray
15.Hot Air Oven
16.Sedimentation Pipette & Jar Apparatus
4 hoursMr. Vikash Singh
Lab Assistant
Diploma (CE)
3Geotechnical Engineering Lab301. Balance
2. Sieve Set with Lid & Pan
3. Sieve Shaker (Motorized)
5.Measuring Cylinder
6.Liquid Limit Apparatus
7.Porcilin Dish
8.Porous stone
9.Shrinkage Limit Apparatus
10. Proctor Compaction Test Apparatus
11. Relative Density Apparatus
12.Core Cutter with Hammer
13.Sand Replacement Apparatus
14.Permeability Test Apparatus
15.Direct Shear Test Apparatus
16.Static Cone Penetration Test Apparatus
17.SPT & DCPT Apparatus
18. Digital Consolidation Testing Machine
19. Digital Triaxial Testing Machine
20. Digital CBR Testing Machine
21. Direct Sheer test machine
22. V.C.S. Machine
23. Consolidation Testing
24. Automatic Compactor
25. Permeability Test Apparatus
26. Sample ejector
27. Height speed stirrer
28. Vane shear Test Apparatus.
4 hoursMr. Deependra Singh
Diploma (CE)
4Fluid Mechanics &Hydraulic Machine Lab301.Impact of Jet Apparatus
2. Orifice Apparatus
3. Flow Measurement Apparatus (Venturi meter& Orifice Meter)
4.Bend Meter
5.Reynold Apparatus
6. Pitot Static Tube Apparatus
7. Pipe Friction Apparatus
8. Open Circuit Subsonic Wind Tunnel
9.Metacentric Height Apparatus
10. Hydraulic Bench
11. Tilting Flume
12. Centrifugal Pump Test Rig
13.Francis Turbine Test Rig
14.Kaplan Turbine Test Rig
15.Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig
17. Stop watch
4 hoursMr. Amit Rajbhar
Diploma (CE)
5Surveying Lab301.Theodolite
2. I O P Level
3. Dumpy Level
4. Auto Level
5.Levelling Staff
6.Prismatic Compass
7. Surveyor Compass
8. Planimeter
9.Cross Staff
10.Optical Square
11.Substance Bar
12.Plane Table Complete Set
13.Measuring Chain
14.Measuring Tape
15.Ranging Rod
16.Electronic Theodolite
17.Micro Optic Theodolite
19.Total Station with Software- 03
4 hoursMr. Ajeet Yadav
Lab Assistant
Diploma (CE)
6Geo-Informatics Lab301.Mirror Stereoscope Parallel Bar
2.Pocket Stereoscope
3.Satellite Data (FCC)
4.G.P.S. (Hand Held)
5.Computer with Ups
6.Scanner with Colour Printer
7.GIS Software Arc GIS 9.3 (Single User)
4 hoursMr. Ajeet Yadav
Diploma (CE)
7CAD Lab301.Computer
2.Ploter Printer
4 hoursPrabhakant Kundan
Lab Assistant
Diploma (CE)
8Structure Analysis Lab301.Universal Frame
2.Plate Forms with Pave & Bearing
3.Bending Moment & Shear Force
4.Continuous Beam
5.Deflection of Curved Beam
6. Elastic Beam
7.Portal Frame
8.Suspension Bridge
9.Shear Centre
10.Two Hinged Arch
11.Three Hinged Arch
12.Spring Balance
13.Dial Gauge
 Mr.Vikash Singh
Lab Assistant
Diploma (CE)
9Transportation Engineering Lab301. Flash & Fire Point Apparatus
2. G.I. Sheet Sieve
3.Height Speed Grinder
4. Loss Angels Abrasion Testing Machine
5. Viscometer
6. Ring & Ball Apparatus
7. Standard Penetrometer
8.Aggregate Impact Tester
9.Water Bath
10.Ductility Testing Machine
11.Float Test Apparatus
12.Marshal Stability Testing Machine
13.Benkleman Beam
14.Field CBR Apparatus
15.Length Gauge& Thickness Gauge
16.Wire Basket
17. Hot Air Over
18. Digital Electronic Balance
19. Lab Stirrer.
 Prabhakant Kundan
Lab Assistant
Diploma (CE)
10Environmental Engineering Lab301.Turbidity Meter
2.Colour Comparator
3.Conductivity Meter
4.Sound Level Meter
5.PH Meter
6.Distilled Water Plant
7.Biological Microscope
8.B.O.D. Incubator
9.Hot Air Oven
10.Kheldahl Nitrogen Assembly
11.Flouride Testing Kid
12.Beaker, Burette, Funnel, Pipette, Burette Stand
13.Measuring Cylinder, Conical Flask, Measuring Flask, Watch Claris, Spatula,
14.Sprit Lamp, Burner Stand, Flap For Spirit Lamp, Glass Rod, B.O.D. Bottle
15.Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid,
16.Methyle Drawee Indicator, Phenolphthalein Indicator
17.Nessler’s Reagent, Chlorine Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Silver Nitrate, Potassium Chromate, Ammonium Chloride Ammonia Liquid, EDTA, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride
18.Magnoussulphate, Potassium thiosulphate, Sodium Thiosulphate, Starch,
19.Di-Hydrogen Potassium Phosphate, Magnesium Sulphate,
20.Ferric Chloride, Potassium Dichromate, Ferrous Sulphate, Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate, Di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate
21.Lab Refrigerator – Capacities range from 1.7 to 20 cubic feet. Refrigerator temperatures range from 20 to 70C (360 to 450F). Freezer temperatures from -260 to 00C (-150to 320F).
22. COMBINED SAMPLER (PM10+PM2.5)- COMBINED SAMPLER (PM10+PM2.5) Should be Consist of:
Inbuilt battery operated
• Particle size: Omni-directional air inlet with PM 10 separation through an impact or followed by PM 2.5 separations through a wins impact or.
• Sampling rate: Constant sampling rate of 1m3/hour unaffected by voltage fluctuation and filter choking maintained by critical orifice system .
• Filter media: Filter holder designed to accept any standard 47 diameter filter media.
• Sample volume: Dry gas meter record the total air volume sampled .
• Power Requirement: Single phase AC 220 volts,50 Hertz supply .sampler unaffected by +/- 10% fluctuation in supply voltage

23 Jar Test Apparatus- salient features should be as per below:
. Stainless steel, Up to 200rpm speed, Jar capacity 1-2 lit. , Voltage: 220-230 , Speed: Up to 200 rpm , Application : Water treatment plant ,

Weight: 40 kg
24. TDS Meter- Salient features should be as per below:

Digital TDS Meter LED, Display along with TDS cell
· Display TDS: Dual Display LED Digit & LCD L 16*2 alpha numeric
· Range: 0- 1000 ppt
· Accuracy: ±0.5%±1 digit
· Range Selection: Automatic
· Temperature Comp. : Manual digital Settable
· Temperature Indication: 0 to 100ºC
· Cell Constant : Adjustable(0.05-10.5)
· Temp. Co-Eff.: Adjustable(0.1-4.0%)
· Keyboard: Soft Touch Switches
25. Nephelometer- Digital Nephelometer /Turbidity Meter technical specifications:
· Detector: Photodiode
· Accessories: Flat Bottom Test tubes-(25mm) 4Nos.& Light Shield.
· Accuracy: +/-3% of FSD in 0-10 &1-10 NTU.
· Calibration: Fomazine Standard Solution
· Dimension:W265*D300*H170mm
· Display: 3 ½ Digit .
· Power : 230V AC +/-10%,50Hz.
· Range: 0-100NTU in 4Range (Automatic)

26. Dissolved Oxygen Meter- Should consist of the following technical specifications:
Resolution=0.1/0.01pH ,
· Measuring Range: -2.00~19.99pH
· Material : Polyesters
· Accuracy : ±0.2+1Digit
· ATC: 0 to 50ºC
· MSC: 0-50 ppt
· MAC: 0-20000ft
· Power DC: 1.5V*4battery Size: AAA/ UM-4
· Dimensions: Meter:195*40*36 mm kit: 230*205*50mm
· Weight: Meter :135g(with battery), Gross:800

27. Water Bath- Should consist of the following technical specifications:
· Temp. Display: LED display for set value (SV) & process Value (PV)
· Temp. Cantrell: By Microprocessor Based PID
· Voltage: 220/230 volt AC
· Diffuser Shelf: Heater protective perforated cover made of stainless steel
· Heating Load : 1.5 KW(1.0KW+0.5KW)
· Stirring Speed: Can be Regulated by speed regulator
· Stirring Arrangement: By FHP stirrer fitted with stain less steel shaft & blades
· Temp.Range : ambient +5 Deg. C to 95Deg.C
· Temp. Accuracy : +/-1 Degree Celsius

28. Desiccators- Desiccators 150mm Borosil with Vacuum Pump
29. 29. Air Compressor- Cooling Method Air Cooled, Capacity 192 L/min, Dimension 57 X 28 X 59 cm, Input 230 V, Motor Power 2 Hp, 1.5 Kw, Motor Speed 3400 rpm
30.Wash bottle- Wash bottle 500ml. Cap, poly
31.Digital Laboratory Oven- Laboratory electric oven with digital indicator cum controller with safety alarm, Range 50 deg to 250 deg C+/- 1 deg C with Air circulating fans inside size 600*900*600

32.Digital COD Digester- Display: Digital 12 mm Rod LED
Time: Selectable 15,30,45,60,90 or 120 min with alarm
Heater Rating (W): 750 Watts
Sensor: PT-100
Hole Size (mm): 40 mm dia c 80 mm depth
Control: Digital electronic Temperature Controller
Sample Volume (ml): 20 ml, Each
Glass Tube (mm): 38 mm dia 15 nos (5×3 rows)
Temperature Range: Above amb To 180 degC or higher
Resolution: 1deg C
Dimension: 500 W x 270 D x 210 mm H

33.Kjeldahl Distillation apparatus- Kjeldahl Apparatus: Combined Kjeldhal Digestion & Distillation Unit “Electrically heated, comprising of one single mild steel tubular stand provided
with two shelves one above the other. A specially designed glass fume duct with B 24) Cone openings (suitable for flasks having 24/29 socket)
having such provision so that no leakage of fumes takes place. One heater box having individual energy regulators for 500 watts heaters are supplied in digestion part at the lower side. One heater box of above design is supplied in distillation part at the upper side. Distillation part is also provided with brass condenser rack with water circulation systems and clamps. The whole unit is operated on 220 volts AC mains.” Complete unit without glass parts for 6 tests

34. Electronic Weighing Balance- Digital Balance 220gm – 1mg, High-precision Electromagnetic Balances, Capacity: 220Gm., Minimum display: 0.001g, Repeatability (standard deviation): σ≤0.001g, Display: LCD
“Response time :1.0−1.2 sec.,
Linearity: ±0.002g, Ambient temperature: 5−40°C,
Temperature coefficient of sensitivity (10−35°C): ±3ppm/°C”

35.Electric Muffle furnace- Electric Muffle furnace (Max-1200*C, working Temp 1150) with Digital Temp Indicator cum controller, CE Certified 150x150x300mm

36. Spectrophotometer- UV -VIS. Spectrophotometer Baseline Flatness ±0.0010A, 200-800 nm, 1.0nm SBW, smoothing Data Interval10, 5, 2, 1.0, 0.5, 0.2, 0.1 nm
DescriptionCutting-edge instrumentation, intuitive and powerful software, and a wide range of accessories consistently deliver high quality results and improved productivity
Detector TypeDual Silicon Photodiodes
Dimensions (L x W x H)62.2 x 48.6 x 27.9 cm (24 x 19 x 11 in)
Drift<0.0005A/hr, 500nm, 1.0nm SBW, 1 hr warm-up
Electrical Requirements100-240V 50-60Hz, selected automatically, 150W maximum
Item DescriptionEvolution 220 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Computer Control, includes Euro/US/UK power cords
KeypadSealed membrane
LampXenon Flash Lamp, 3-year warranty (7 years typical lifetime)
37. Pipette bulb- rubber
38. filter paper- Whatman for PM10 &PM2.5
39. Laboratory Steam Bath apparatus- Classification: Laboratory Thermostatic Devices Laboratory Steam Bath Type: 6 holes
Material: Stainless Steel Size: 450x300x130mm
Power: 1200W
Temperature range: RT-99.9-degree Weight: 9kg
40.Porcelain Evaporating Dishes – 75mm dia
41.Imhoff Cone with Rack- glassware
42.Methyl Orange- chemical
43.Micropipette Variable volume- Glassware (range 0.1 ul~10ml)
44.Phosphate Buffer Solution (Buffer soln 7 Ph Phosphate)- chemical
45.Sodium Sulphite Solution- chemical
46.Alkali Iodide Azide Regent (Potassium Iodide)- chemical
47.Alum Solution (for TLC)- chemical
48.Lime- chemical
49.Mercuric Sulphate- chemical
50.Ferroin Indicator- chemical
51.Sulphuric Acid Crystal- chemical
4 hoursMr. Ajeet Yadav
Diploma (CE)
11BPD lab30In Process Mr. Amit Rajbhar
Lab Technician
Diploma (CE)
12NDT Lab30Rebound Hammer Rest of Purchase 

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