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Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities

At Applied Sciences & Humanities department, teaching-learning and creative activities go hand in hand, enabling students to become engaged critical thinkers. The department engages the students in the comprehensive education for the imperative subjects as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Professional Communication and Management, which are like a torch house for their basic approach, facilitating them to utilize the knowledge in almost all the work arenas.

The devoted faculty members are core strength of the department providing value education to the students through improved method of teaching. The department has well equipped laboratories with sufficient instruments to provide practical training to the students in the field of Electrical, Chemistry and Physics. All academic programs emphasize the integration of theoretical knowledge with practical applications.

Most of the faculty members of the department are doctorate from reputed institutions. The department provides a lively and active research environment which has contributed large number of research articles in national and international journals. The source of knowledge, inspiration and innovation springs from the applied forms of science and humanities, thus the ‘Engineering tree’ can be in its full bloom only by experiencing and incorporating the roots of Applied Sciences.


Our Vision is to train our first-year Students, explore their horizon of knowledge by exposing them to holistic education as well as enhancing their Scientific and technical competence. Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities will become a centre of excellence in teaching and research, and a Natural benchmark for other institutions of our state.


The mission of the Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities is:

To deliver a unique first year broad based experience that emphasizes hand- on-learning, technical immersion in engineering concepts, problem solving strategies though integrated, interdisciplinary and outcome –based teaching, learning processes, covering all branches of Engineering to forge real world connections to science, technology and community.

Faculty of Applied Sciences & Humanities

Dr. Ambrish Singh
Assistant Professor(Management)

Qualification : MBA, Ph.D(Business Administration), UGC-NET & JRF
Area of Interest : Marketing, Social Entrepreneurship, Public Policy
Mobile No : 8318592993, 9415343968(Whatsapp)
Email-id : f18ambrishs@iima.ac.in, ambrish.singh08@gmail.com

Dr.Vineet Srivastava
Assistant Professor & Head

Qualification : Ph.D. (IIT B.H.U.), CSIR-NET (JRF, DST-CIMS, B.H.U.)
Area of Interest : Mathematical Modelling, Advance Numerical Techniques & Applied Fractional Calculus
Mobile No : 7217777498
Email-id : vineeitbhu@gmail.com

Dr. Divya Pratap Singh
Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D(BHU), CSIR-NET-JRF
Area of Interest : Synthetic Inorganic & Organometallic Chemistry, Catalytic Property of Metal complexes,Sensing, Electrocatalysis
Mobile No : 9415997470
Email-id : dpsbhu11@gmail.com

Dr. Anurag Upadhyay
Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.Tech(University of Allahabad), Ph.D(MNNIT, Allahabad)
Area of Interest : Optical Fiber Sensing, Communication Technology,Photonic Crystal fiber
Mobile No : 8919435161
Email-id : uanurag89@gmail.com

Dr. Kaushal Kumar Shukla
Assistant Professor (Physics)

Qualification : M.Tech(MNNIT, Allahabad), Ph.D(IIT, BHU)
Area of Interest : Structural and Magnetic Properties of Some Delafossite Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials
Mobile No : 7800374899
Email-id : kaushal08jnp@gmail.com

Er. Radhe Shyam Dwivedi
Assistant Professor (Electrical Engineering)

Qualification : M.E (B.I.T Mesra), Ph.D(Pursuing)
Area of Interest : DC-DC Converter, Power Electronics, CSI
Mobile No : 9455883251
Email-id : radhedwivedihere@gmail.com

Dr. Pramod Kumar Srivastava
Assistant Professor (Mathematics)

Qualification : Ph.D(University of Allahabad)
Area of Interest : Mathematical Modeling, Wireless Sensor Netwrok,Finsler Geometry
Mobile No : 7011899051
Email-id : pramodksrivastava24042004@gmail.com

Mr. Virendra Kumar Yadav
Guest Faculty

Qualification : UGC NET (English) , Ph.D (B.H.U)
Area of Interest : Masculinities studies, Linguistics. American Literature
Mobile No : 9792550235
Email-id : virendra020691@gmail.com

Program Educational objective (PEO)

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Program Outcomes (PO’s)

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S.No. Laboratory Lab. Incharge Lab. Assistant
1. Engineering Physics Lab. Dr. Kaushal Kumar Shukla
Assistant Professor (Physics)
Mr. Dheeraj Maurya
2. Engineering Chemistry Lab. Dr. Divya Pratap Singh
Assistant Professor (Chemistry)
Mr. Dheeraj Maurya
3. Electrical Engineering Lab. Mr. Radhe Shyam Dwivedi
Assistant Professor (Electrical Engineering)
Mr. Ajit Rajbhar
4. English Language Lab. - -
appScLab appScLab appScLab

Non Teaching Staff of the Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities

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Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities Achievement

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