Program Educational objective (PEO)

PEO 01: To impart exhaustive knowledge to the students in all the sub-domains of Information Technology and the fast-evolving IT tools to:
Take up key assignments in IT and associated industries.
Undertake and excel in higher studies and Research & Development in IT related fields and Management.
PEO 02: IT graduate will have sound fundamental and in-depth core technical knowledge such as Programming, database, Networking and optimisation of complex problems.
PEO 03: Improve the team building, team work on multi-disciplinary project and leadership skill with ethical values.
PEO 04: To design & develop novel products and innovative solutions for real life problems in Information Technology field and related domains.
PEO 5: To provide a conducive and disciplined Academic environment, quality of teaching with innovative & modern methods of pedagogy establishing the relevance of technical education as per the needs of the industry and society at large.

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