Mechanical Engineering Department

List of Laboratories

Engineering Mechanics Lab

20 Tonne computerized Universal Testing Machine
Torsion Testing Machine
Vicker Hardness testing machine
Brinell Hardness testing Machine
Rockwell Hardness testing Machine
Simple Screw Jack Apparatus
Law of parallelogram of forces apparatus
Worm and Worm Wheel apparatus
Belt-Pulley Apparatus
Disc type Flywheel apparatus with revolution Counters
Complete setup for performing coefficient of friction of a flat surface
Simple and compound gear train model
Simply supported beam And Cantilever beams apparatus for deflection

Heat Transfer Lab

Heat Transfer Through Convection Apparatus
Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall Apparatus
Heat Transfer Through a Pin-Fin Apparatus
Parallel Flow/Counter Flow Heat Transfer Apparatus
Heat Pipe Apparatus
Stefan’s Law Apparatus

IC Engine Lab

4 Wheeler Gear Box system
4 Wheeler Differential Gear Mechanism of Rear Axle
Davis Steering Gear Mechanism
Independent Suspension System
Spark ignition and Compression Ignition Fuel Supply System

Manufacturing Science Lab

Power Hammer
Moulding Machine
Tube Bending Machine
Press Machine
Vertical Milling Machine
Horizontal Milling Machine
Shaper Machine
Surface Grinder
Tool and Cutter Grinder Machine
Shearing Machine
Pedestal Grinder
Pillar Electric Drill machine

Machine Design Lab

Model of Cotter Joint
Model of Knuckle Joint
Model of Coupling Muff, Flange and Flexible coupling
Model of lathe tail stock, Air value screw jack connecting rod, Safety valve, Stuffing Box

Material Science and Testing Lab

Abrasive cut-off wheel machine
Creep testing machine
Fatigue testing machine
Muffle furnace
Plastic Moulding Machine
Polishing Machine
Power Grinder
Spring Testing Machine (Tension & Compression)

Measurement Lab

Strain Gauge Indicator
Optical Stroboscope

Metrology Lab

Dial indicator
Plug and ring taper gauge
Sine Bar
Slip Gauges
Bevel Protector
Limit Gauges
Vernier Calipers
Feeler Gauges

Refrigeration and Air- Conditioning Lab

Ice Plant Test rig.
Air Conditioning Test rig
Vapour Compression Refrigeration System Test Rig.
Two stage compressor

Theory of Machines Lab

Simple Linkage models
Four Bar Linkage
Slider Crank Mechanisms
Gear Tooth profile,Inteference
Gear Train
Dead Weight type Governor
Spring Controlled Governor
Hydraulic Brake
Single Plate Clutch

Thermodynamics Lab

Babcock & Wilcock boiler Model
Lancashire boiler Model
Single cylinder four stroke 5HP petrol engine test rig With dynamometer
Four stroke four cylinder petrol engine test rig. (MorseTest)
Velocity Compounded Steam Turbine Model
Pressure Compounded Steam Turbine Model
Gas Turbine Model
Mechanical Workshop

Black Smithy Shop

Blower 1HP

Carpentry Shop

Fitting Shop

Foundry Shop

Foundry Pits and Furnaces

Machine Shop

Lathe machine
Shearing machine
Pedestal grinder
Pillar electric drill machine
Power Hacksaw

Sheet Metal Shop

Shearing Machine

Welding Shop

Electric Arc Welding machine

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