Faculty of Information Technology

Mr.Tauseef Ahmad
Assistant Professor & Head

Qualification : B.Tech(AMU), M.Tech(AMU), Ph.D-Pursuing(AMU)
Area of Interest : Computer Networks, Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
Mobile No : 7417626545
Email-id : tauseefahmad@zhcet.ac.in

Mr. Ashok Kumar Yadav
Assistant Professor

Qualification : B.Tech(UPTU), M.Tech(JNU), Ph.D-Pursuing(JNU)
Area of Interest : Computer Network, Blockchain Technology
Mobile No : 9560219603
Email-id : ashokyadav88.jnu@gmail.com

Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Assistant Professor

Qualification : B.Tech(KNIT Sultanpur), M.Tech(MMMUT Gorakhpur), UGC-NET & JRF
Area of Interest : Database System, Data Structure Using C
Mobile No : 9795143606
Email-id : sanjayknit08@gmail.com

Mr. Tasleem Jamal
Guest Faculty

Qualification : B..Tech (AMU), M.Tech (AMU)
Area of Interest : Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence
Mobile No : 7652025801
Email-id : tasleem.jamal@zhcet.ac.in

Mr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava
Guest Faculty

Qualification : B.Tech(UPTU), M.Tech(Amity University)
Area of Interest : Database Management Systems, Cyber Security
Mobile No : 7800833009
Email-id : hiashish2006@gmail.com

Mr. Sakil Ahmad ansari
Guest Faculty

Qualification : B.Tech(UPTU), M.Tech(Maharishi Dayanand University)
Area of Interest : Computer graphics, Artificial intelligence
Mobile No : 9795355688
Email-id : shakilahmadansari@gmail.com

Ms. Nisha Singh Chauhan
Guest Faculty

Qualification : B.Tech (REC Ambedkar Nagar), M.Tech(IIT-Patna)
Area of Interest : Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Networks, Machine Learning
Mobile No : 8765894160
Email-id : nsc021087@gmail.com

Mr. Waseem Ahmad
Guest Faculty

Qualification : B.Tech(IU), M.Tech(GBU)
Area of Interest : Programming Languages, Data Structures, Web Technology
Mobile No : 8795611714
Email-id : waseemcsit@gmail.com

Ms. Sonali Pandey
Guest Faculty

Qualification : B.Tech(UPTU), M.Tech (MMMUT)
Area of Interest : Computer Netwroks, Operating Systems, Data Structures
Mobile No : 9936499605
Email-id : sonali79109@gmail.com
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